5 Cool Wii Hacks

5 Cool Wii Hacks

guitar_nintendoSince the launch of the Nintendo Wii and it’s cool Wiimote as it is more comonly known as, we have seen a number of hacks that make use of the wiimote to do lots of things that it wasnt intended for. Among these we have the wiisabre, wii drums to name a couple. We have now compiled a list of the top 5 (not by any order of popularity) of the ones we think are cool and worthy of another mention.

5. Wiisaber
The Wiisaber is for those who like to think they are in starwars. I guess we have all done this when we were kids and pretended we were fighting with laser swords making swooshing noises even if we do not admit it. The wiisaber uses the Wiimotes motion sensors to mimic the noises made by waving one of those blades of light around.

4. Wiimote Controlled Car
The wiimote controlled car is great fun and allows you to use the wiimote to make the car go in the 4 directions (forward, reverse, left and right).

3. Wiitar (the wiimote guitar)
At number 3 we have the wiitar. This time we take the wiimote and use it as you would a guitar and the movements get converted in to guitar noises.

2. Wiimote Controlled Google Earth
For those of you who do not know what Google Earth is then go check it out now. It is a cool 3D globe where you can zoom in anywhere and view close up satellite images of cities all over the world. Amazing stuff! To make it even more cooler, someone made a hack in which the wiimote can be used to zoom in and out and spin the globe around. Of course it makes full use of the motion sensors in the wiimote and is an excellent addition to google earth. Script found here.

1. Wii Drum Machine
We have had the guitars and now we have the wiimote controlled drum kit. This hack uses the motion sensors and buttons to make the different drum noises and it another cool example of how the wiimotes functions can be expanded. All we need now is the first live band to use only wiimotes. :) As if that will happen though. Scripts and details found here.

No doubt these cool hacks will keep coming out as time goes on and we hope you enjoyed this list we have created. Have a merry christmas!

Also, please go careful as you do not want to end up with any bad wiinjuries.


  1. Nice roundup of hacks. Love the Wii drum machine but I would have thought that there would have been a ton of audio hacks like the drum hack.

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