iTwin USB Data Sharing Devices Begin to Ship

The iTwin USB data sharing dongles have now launched in the US although at the moment, only 50 units have been created in a limited edition setting.

The iTwin allows date to be transferred between two devices. The iTwin dongles use 256bit AES encryption to keep your data safe while it is being transferred between computers. [Read more...]

Star Wars USB Hand Warmers

If you are looking to warm your hands this year whilst using your computer then you could check out these Star Wards USB handwarmers.

There are two models available, with one being black that has Darth Vader pictured on it and the other is Blue that has R2-D2 pictured on the USB handwarmer. [Read more...]

TRON Flash USB Drives Come in 4GB and 8GB Capacities

TRON: Legacy is launching soon. Along with that launch, expect a bunch of gizmos and gadgets to launch.

The first one up is the TRON USB Flash Drives that come in either a 4GB or 8GB capacity. Each is available in black or white. [Read more...]

Portable Keychain Sized USB Power Supply

Carrying around a portable USB charger can be very helpful in some instances. This particular USB power supply is small enough that it fits on a keychain, but large enough to carry around a 1000mAh of juice in your pocket.

The device can be powered up by USB cable from a computer and when needed, can then charge your mobile phone, MP3 player and other USB powered gadgets. The portable USB charger is capable of holding full charge for about 3 months at a time. [Read more...]

DeLorean Switches to Flash Drive with 500GB of Storage

Flash Rods has created a DeLorean external hard drive. The Flash Rods company normally puts 4GB of Flash memory in to Hot Wheels style cars. This time, they put a 500GB hard drive in the DeLorean.

The DeLorean used is from the Back to the Future trilogy and is kitted out with the wheels fitted towards the end of BTTFII and the car used in BTTFIII. [Read more...]

Elecom Rotating Memory Card Reader

Elecom have created a memory card reader that has the ability to rotate. The reason for it doing this is so that you can move it more easily out of the way of other ports on your laptop.

The reader has a rounded end that allows the reader to rotate 180 degrees if needed. [Read more...]

The USB heated blanket

Yes thats right, the title is correct. Surely, come winter, you head down stairs to your computer or laptop when its nice and frosty outside. You don’t want to have to lug your bed covers with you and you don’t want to have to sit in front of a roaring fire with laptop in hand do you?

So what better way is there than to have with you a USB heated blanket? They come in 3 colours, pink, grey and navy blue.

With the blanket you get 2 USB cables. You can use one if its not sub-zero outside or both if the temperature decides to take a nosedive for that added heat and comfort. Its a novel and innovative idea to be able to sit on your couch with a laptop and be snug as a bug while being wrapped in this USB heated blanket.

[Read more...]

FlashRods USB Hard Drives

FlashRods are 1/18th scale model sports cars that house a mini USB port mixed in with the chrome of the bumpers/exhausts as well as pack in a small 2.5 inch portable hard drive inside.

About 20 models are available from an Audi R8 to a Nissan GTR. As well as choosing from 20 or so different models, several colours can also be chosen which includes silver, red, black as well as yellow and blue.

Price wise the 500GB Audi R8 will cost you $275 for example. Each portable hard drive uses USB 2.0 to connect to a computer. [Read more...]

Infinitec IUM Dual-WiFi Memory Drive

The Infinitec IUM is a flash memory drive that has a dual-wifi setup. The dual-wifi configuration allows it to share files wirelessly with other devices whilst retaining a connection to the internet.

The Infinitec IUM is launching on August 31st with pre-orders starting over at the Infinitec site on this weekend just gone.

Price wise, the dual-wifi device will set you back $129 along with free shipping anywhere in the world if you pre-order before the August 31 launch date. [Read more...]

USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

Flash drives often come in a number of shapes and sizes. We have seen burger flash drives in the past along with other various items being used.

The latest I came across today are USB Flash Drive Cufflinks that allow you to hold a shirt cuff together as well as easily carry your data around with you.

Now introducing the perfect pair of cufflinks for work. 2GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks (2 GB each, total 4 GB) are not only engravable, but feature functional USB drives making it possible for you to keep all of your must-have presentations and important documents with you wherever you go. Never be without functional fashion again.

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USB Port Cleaner from Brando

Brando come up with some odd gadgets and this next one joins that category.

The USB Port Cleaner has been designed to clean your USB ports on your laptop, PC, Mac and any other gadget with a regular sized port. The reasons for creating this are for the “need to clean them up occasionally in order for them to continuously conduct electricity efficiently and keep data flowing at the satisfactory speeds.”

The small USB sized gadget simply slots in a USB port and cleans the copper pins that are found in there.

The copper used for electrical contacts in the USB ports of your computer is subject to oxidization. Especially for those who always use their laptops at places near the sea, the problem will occur faster. But of course, no matter where your laptop is used, the problem will still occur. Over time, it’ll cause a film developed over the copper that provides insulating barrier, preventing good electrical contact between the USB port and the connector of the USB device.

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QuickerTek iPad Charge Monitor checks USB Power Ratings

The Apple iPad takes has quite a hungry power requirement with a number of PC’s not even supporting charging of the iPad. The QuickerTek has been designed to let you easily monitor how much power your iPad is getting from the USB port it is plugged in to.

The QuickerTek iPad Charge Monitor plugs in to a USB port on your computer and in the other side, you connect up your iPad USB connector in series and four LED’s indicate how much power is being provided to the iPad. By switching the device between ports you can hopefully troubleshoot and find a port that works.

Did you notice that when you tryed plugging your iPad into the port of your Mac that the iPad said “Not Charging”

Well we have designed the iPad Charge Monitor USB device that has three functions: The unit will turn on the USB port so that it will charge and the 4 LED’s on the unit shows that the iPad is charging and shows the charging current level or how fast it is charging. The more lights are on the more power being put out by the usb and thusly the faster your iPad is charging.

Compact in size no bigger than a USB dongle with a USB connector at each end. And is compatible with 1.0 or 2.0 USB ports, all iPad, iPhone (all generations) iTouch and all 30 pin ipods.

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