nesP Portable NES Cartridge Console

nesP Portable NES Cartridge Console

nesPThis old 8-bit NES cartridge was hacked up and converted in to a full working NES games console. The nesP as it’s called, was created using a noname china brand PMP that has the ability of playing NES ROMS. An old NES controller was then attached to the PMP and all fit snugly inside along with a small colour LCD screen.

The nesP has 4GB of internal memory to store games and as it’s a PMP, it also can play videos, MP3′s as well as acting as an FM radio, picture viewer and audio recorder. The system could potentially work as a video and still camera, but those features were disabled to fit it in the case.

As well as playing 8-bit NES games the system can also play Gameboy and Gameboy colour roms. The 2.8″ screen appears to be quite clear and vibrant and the system is powered by a rechargeable battery. Another impressive feature of this unique portable games console is a TV-OUT that lets you play games on your full sized TV.

According to the thread starter who created the nesP, the portable games console is for sale to recoup the costs involved in making it. Check out the link below after the video to get details of how much it’s going for.

Via: 8BitFix and BenHeck


  1. THat’s dope as hell! I gotta have one. When I was back home in Detroit recently, we were playing Legend Of Zelda II (Greatest game ever created) for days…

  2. joseph blackburn says:

    i would love to acquire one of these. please tell me how much and where? thanks!!!

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