Nokia N920 Rumours Appear

Nokia N920 Rumours Appear

Nokia-N920Rumours of a new Nokia N920 [NOK] have surfaced today although we are still waiting for the N900 to arrive. According to Pocketables, they were tipped off by someone who also showed them an early prototype of the phone that looks to be running Diablo.

The phone, according to tipsters, is set to have a 4.13 inch capacitive multitouch screen that will match it up nicely with the HTC HD2. The N920 will not have a keyboard and instead make use of full screen input. Although the Nokia N920 will be more powerful than the N900, the N900 does have the keyboard which might be enough to sway people in that direction.

The phone, if real, could be seen late Q1 2010 or early Q2. Of course, at this time we have no official specs, pricing etc… Keep an eye out for this one.

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