Red Light Camera Detector

Red Light Camera Detector

redlightThis little gadget is capable of detecting cameras that can be found at red lights. The system uses GPS to track your location and with this data it is compared to a database that contains information on the whereabouts of 6,000 red light cameras as well as speed cameras located in the US and Canada.

The system provides feedback to the driver with a 1.6″ OLED display that shows where you are on a map and where the next camera can be found.

To keep the system up todate you are able to connect the device up to your computer and download the latest database which has it’s information gathered from various databases from around the US.

The Red Light Camera detector costs $199.95 and comes provided with a years worth of free updates, after which it costs $19.95 to renew on the following years.

Available from Hammacher.

Via: SlipperyBrick and ChipChick

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