Evernote 2.0 Beta Download Now Available

Evernote has launched the Evernote 2.0 beta for Mac. The new version has a number of new features such as in-app notebook sharing as well as Notebooks Stacks.

One thing to note before you run off and grab the new version is that it is still in beta and could therefor, crash a little and now work as you would expect. [Read more…]

Adobe Flash 10.2 Beta Announced

Adobe has released Adobe Flash 10.2 in beta form. The download is available for those using Mac, Windows and Linux and brings in support for Stage Video as well as a new playback infrastructure.

What the new infrastructure does is move more of the functions to the GPU to free up CPU usage. What this does in turn, is maes better playback with less resource usage on the CPU as well as improves text rendering, and full screen content on a second monitor. [Read more…]

2.5 Million Microsoft Kinects Sold This Month

Microsoft [MSFT] has announced that it has sold 2.5 million Kinects in the first 25 days of launch. This number represents global sales.

A good number of these were shifted over the Black Friday weekend. [Read more…]

PhotoFast Stops Production of MacBook Air SSDs

PhotoFast has stopped production of the 256GB MacBook Air SSD. This particular SSD module was capable of running faster than the official one supplied in the new MacBook Air models.

The reason that production stopped was apparently because Apple [AAPL] requested it. With PhotoFast being in the Apple MFi Program, it would have been in their interest to listen to them. [Read more…]

Nintendo DSi Gets Color Makeover

The Nintendo DSi will be launching in a couple of new official colors in the next few weeks. Nintendo is launching a couple of holiday bundles that see the DSi launching in both green and orange as well as being packaged with a game.

The new bundles are limited edition and once all sold out, no more will be made available to purchase. Price wise, they will cost $150 each and will be going on sale this Black Friday, November 26. [Read more…]

Apple I Computer Sells for $210,000

Yesterday in London, the original Apple I computer sold. This particular model was one of 200 made in the beginning. When launched in 1976 it cost $666.66.

Yesterday, it fetched $210,000. [Read more…]

Google Docs Now Connects with Microsoft Office

Google [GOOG] has announced integration between Google Docs and Microsoft Office. What the new integration does is let you edit your docs with Office and then have them all synced together. This lets you use a familiar interface rather than having to learn the Google Docs interface.

The integration comes in the form of a plugin for Microsoft Office which is called Cloud Connect. Cloud Connect is free to install and use and is compatible with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Each time you hit save on a document, spreadsheet or presentation, the updated info is synced to Google Docs. If you need to share a file with someone, you can just email them a Google Docs link to use. [Read more…]

Gmail Call Recording Rolls Out

Google [GOOG] looks to be rolling out the ability to record calls within Google Voice directly within the Gmail integration.

The new feature was first heard of earlier this month and from what TechCrunch reports, the feature is now becoming widely available. [Read more…]

Mac OS X 10.6.5 Update Rolled Out

Apple [AAPL] has pushed out a new update for those running Max OS X Snow Leopard. The new update can be found by clicking on the software updates menu option. The download is 680.1MB in size although this may be different depending on your machine configuration.

The update brings a number of enhancements in the way of stability, compatibility as well as security on your Mac. The full update details can be found below. [Read more…]

Microsoft Kinect Now Available in UK

Microsoft Kinect launched in the US last week. For us lot in the UK, we’ve had to wait until today for it to become available.

Now that it has officially launched in the UK, you can now pick it up from various locations such as Amazon, Play, Game and many other stores although stock is believed to be in short supply, so act quickly and perhaps make a few calls if not available online. [Read more…]

Microsoft Kinect Teardown

iFixit decided to tear apart the new Microsoft Kinect to see what exactly is inside and how it all works.

A few interesting finds include the addition of two cameras, four microphones as well as IR projectors and accelerometers.

The device uses a fan to keep it cool although iFixit believe its a bit of overkill for the amount of heat it will generate but then speculate its to keep things cool rather than face another RRoD problem like the Xbox had. [Read more…]

Skype 5.0 Beta for Mac Download Now Available

Recently, Windows users of Skype were able to download the beta version of 5.0 that allowed group video calls to be done. The video chat feature allowed up to 10 people to connect over video for larger conference calls.

This particular version is now available for the Mac. The Skype 5.0 Beta for Mac download can be found over here. As well as bringing conference video calling, there is a new cover flow style video contacts section that lets you scroll through those people you are talking to. [Read more…]