Verizon Galaxy Nexus Release Date Could be Friday

An authorised Verizon retailer has indicated that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus release date will be Friday December 9. According to an email with a PDF attached, authorised Verizon retailers will be getting the Galaxy Nexus shipped today ready to be put on sale this coming Friday.

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Jawbone Up Tracks Activity, Food and Sleep

Jawbone is stepping away from the usual bluetooth headset with a new device called Up. Up is a wristband that communicates with an iPhone. What it does is help track how you sleep, get active and what you eat. By combining data it helps you to live a more healthy lifestyle.

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In Case Of 8bit Emergency

A quick departure from the usual mobile phones, tablets and other more high tech news. This time we are looking at the “In Case of 8bit Emergency…”

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Internet TV Explained and the Advantages

The term ‘Internet TV’ refers to a television service that is available online. Much like conventional television, it allows viewers to select what they want to watch from a directory of channels. Many major Internet TV web sites are available on an on-demand basis. Unlike conventional Digital or Satellite TV, on-demand Internet TV viewers aren’t limited to only what is currently being broadcast. They can choose from the most recently aired shows or take a trip into the past with a visit to the site’s archives.

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BBC Launches New Global iPad iPlayer

Earlier this year the BBC announced that its iPlayer service would be launched as an app for those not in the UK. The Global iPlayer app was said to be subscription based due to other countries not paying the UK TV license fee. The new iPlayer app has now been launched.

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Extending the Touchscreen Project

Extending the Touchscreen is a thesis project by Michael Knuepfel. The project provides working examples on how an iPad or iPhone touchscreen can be extended beyond the normal usage. The system uses conductive materials to help the user interact with an application or device in more depth than what normally can be achieved.

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Evernote Web Interface Gets New Redesign

Evernote has announced that they have redesigned the web based version of their note taking software. The Evernote web app now features a new design, improved user experience and better performance.

The web app also now reflects what the desktop app looks like in that you get the familiar three-column layout with folders on the left, notes in the middle and content on the right. [Read more…]

Verizon iPhone 4 Release Date Officially Announced

After many months of speculation, Verizon has now announced the Verizon iPhone 4. The launch of the iPhone on Verizon marks the end of the almost 4 year exclusivity agreement that Apple had with AT&T.

As for the release date, expect it as early as February. [Read more…]

Fling iPad Joystick

The Fling iPad Joystick has been designed to help you play games on your iPad a little easier.

The joystick is described as being a tactile gaming controller. It uses suction cups to attach to the screen on the iPad. The joystick part of the unit is conductive allowing it to function as though you were touching the screen. [Read more…]

Sync iTunes via DropBox to Connect Multiple Computers

LifeHacker has created a handy tutorial that allows you to store your iTunes library in the DropBox service. What this does is allow you to sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod to a number of computers without getting any syncing errors or conflicts.

Normally, your iPhone and other iOS devices can only sync to 1 computer running iTunes and when plugging your device in to another machine, files are missing as well as other complications such as when using an iPad, it asks if you want to start from scratch and erase all data from your iPad. [Read more…]

iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak to be Untethered by Christmas

MuscleNerd has announced on Twitter that the iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak will be untethered by Christmas. Currently, when jailbreaking the latest iOS, you need to tether your iPhone to a computer when you switch off the phone and want to restart it. By making it untethered, it solves that problem.

Tethered boot is often a problem that stops people from wanting to Jailbreak as the hassle of being next to a computer to boot your phone can be lead to frustration. [Read more…]

iPhone and iPad Game Discounts by EA

Electronic Arts has started a fairly massive sale on a number of titles for the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. In total, 68 games have been dropped to just 99 cents for the holiday season, some of which include the likes of SimCity Deluxe HD for iPad that literally just launched a few days ago. [Read more…]