Amazon Black Friday Daily Deals

Amazon has a bunch of new deals ready for today in the Amazon Black Friday run up. The first deal starts at 6:45am PST followed by 7:45am, 8am, 8:45am and onwards throughout today.

Not all deals are known at the moment, but some upcoming deals that are listed include 60% off Pinnacle SUB-SONIX 10 inch subwoofer, a deal on the 160GB Apple TV and on to a deal on the Asus A52F-XE2 15.6 inch laptop. Savings are not known on the latter two. There’s 4 other deals listed but right now they are just listed as “Upcoming Deal”. These should be revealed closer to the launch time.

All deals for Black Friday at Amazon are listed over here. [Read more…]

Motorola Olympus Tegra 2 Smartphone Pics Emerge

The photo below shows what could be the Motorola Olympus Tegra 2 smartphone. It was sent around the tech blogs recently and the pictures show a smartphone that has a smooth front panel, large screen and a possible front facing camera.

Although it cannot be confirmed as the Olympus, if we go with the thought that it is then from what we understand it will have Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and dual band 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi. [Read more…]

Xbox Black Friday Deals

Amazon has a number of deals on for Xbox 360 titles this week with some games getting up to a 50% discount off this week.

The Xbox Black Friday deals started today with about 44 games (with a few peripherals mixed in) getting discounts. [Read more…]

Garmin Black Friday Deals

Amazon has a number of Garmin Black Friday Deals on this week that see a number of Garmin Satnav units heavily discounted, with all models getting at least a 40%+ discount with one particular model being discounted by 70%.

A full list of the Garmin (and other) satnav discounts can be found over here. We have picked 8 of the best Garmin models available with discounts starting at the top of the list with the best discount price first. [Read more…]

Playstation 3 Black Friday Deals

Black Friday seems to have started a little early this year with a number of retailers pushing deals for the whole of this week.

For those of you looking for Playstation 3 Black Friday deals, check out what we managed to find today. The list is starting early, so right now there aren’t many deals around although we’ll start off with the Amazon Playstation 3 deal and add more as they appear through the week.
[Read more…]

Custom Built Marble Run With Instructions

Check out the Perimeter Marble Run. The marble run set was custom built and runs around the top of a kids bedroom. It starts off with a big wheel that constantly turns and lifts marbles up. These then join other marbles which then enter a track going around the walls of a bedroom. The process sees the marbles end up at step one where they join the big turning wheel again. [Read more…]

Google Docs on Android 2.2 and iOS Editing Coming Soon

Google [GOOG] has announced an update to the Google Docs web service for those accessing it from an iOS or Android 2.2 device. As of yesterday, those running the said devices now have the ability to edit documents whilst on the move.

iOS 3.0 is what is needed for those on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. For those running Android devices, the service requires that you are running at least Android 2.2 (ie, the current latest version). [Read more…]

LG Dual-Core Tegra 2 Android Spotted

Engadget managed to get hold of some pictures showing an upcoming LG smartphone. The new device has a dual-core Tegra 2 chip inside along with the ability to capture 1080p video thanks to its 8 megapixel camera.

The screen on the new LG device measures 4 inches. [Read more…]

LG Vortex Android Phone Announced

LG Has announced the LG Vortex. The Vortex is an Android 2.2 device that has a 3.2 inch screen along with 3G/Wi-Fi connectivity.

The device runs the latest version of Android and comes pre-loaded with Bing Search and Bing Maps. With it running Android 2.2, the phone can also work as a wireless 3G hotspot for several devices to connect up to and share an internet connection. [Read more…]

Facebook Messages Puts Email, Chat, SMS and Messages in One Place

Yesterday, Facebook leader Mark Zuckerberk, announced Facebook Messages. The new service will be offering an address for people allowing them to use the address for email as well as a bunch of other services.

Rather than just being another email account, the Facebook Messages service combines email, SMS, chat and IM all in one location allowing users to contact each other by various means. Zuckerberg described the system as being a social inbox. [Read more…]

Hybrid Batteries Last Twice as Long, Charge in Seconds

Some new batteries have been created by a company called ioxus that are capable of running a gadget for twice as long as a regular battery on a single charge. To add to that, the batteries have a charge time of just 90 seconds allowing you to easily charge them minutes before you need to go out somewhere.

If you charge the batteries for 20 seconds you get a partial charge when compared to the full 90 seconds. [Read more…]

Free iPhone Apps Fill One Third of Top-Grossing Apps Charts

About a year ago, Apple [AAPL] started up the in-app purchase features. What this does is allows developers to create apps for iOS based devices and then let you purchase add-ons whilst in the app. An example could be extra levels of a game or more transactions in a financial package to name a few ideas.

GigaOM decided to have a look at the top 100 grossing apps today to see what was there and after checking through the list, they found that 34 apps out of the 100 were listed as being free and managed to be added to the top 100 grossing apps due to the in-app purchases that they allowed. Just a quick glance on the screen shot above shows that the top 5 contains 2 free apps. [Read more…]