Amazon Kindle for Windows Phone 7 Announced

Amazon has announced that Kindle for Windows Phone 7 will be launching soon. Not much, if anything at all, is different to other versions on other platforms. Release dates have not been provided yet other than the announcement says it will arrive sometime this year.

Just like other devices that run Kindle, you’ll be able to buy books from a library of over 750,000 eBooks as well as use the Whispersync technology to keep all Kindle devices you own up todate with where you are currently reading. [Read more…]

Apple TV Jailbreak Possible with GreenPois0n

When the GreenPois0n iOS 4.1 jailbreak was getting ready to originally launch a couple of weeks back, it was due to use the SHAtter exploit. With Geohot quickly jumping in with Limera1n it caused GreenPois0n to change from SHAtter to using the same exploit Limera1n did.

We now see a picture of an Apple TV jailbreak running that shows GreenPois0n running. It is believed that it isn’t ready for a 1-click install just yet, but shows that its possible. [Read more…]

Apple TV Sales Figures Show 250K Sold

Yesterday, Apple [AAPL] held a fiscal earnings call with a Q&A. In the Q&A part, Steve Jobs revealed that the Apple TV was doing well and that the company had sold over quarter of a million units since the launch last week.

These numbers of course are no match for the iPad which sold 300,000 on day one, although for a newly relaunched device thats just 18 days old (at the time of the call), its still impressive for the company who said it was more of a hobby. [Read more…]

White Lake Formula 1 Slot Car Track

This picture above shows an amazing slot car track built by James-Michael Gregory Harlan. The track needs 20 square feet of space to be built and is a 1/32 scale construction.

The track length is 145 feet and it has 19 turns and elevates to 2.5 feet high. [Read more…]

Samsung Omnia 7 Gets HD Voice on Orange

The Samsung Omnia 7 is a Windows Phone 7 smartphone launching in the next few days here in the UK. If you decide to get the device on the Orange network, you’ll actually get HD Voice enabled on the device.

What HD Voice does is increases the quality of voice calls to make them crystal clear by removing hissing, crackles and background noise. The downside of it is that you need to be calling another compatible phone on the Orange network to get the full effects of the service. [Read more…]

Android Angry Birds Could Launch This Week

Earlier this week it was reported that the Android version of Angry Birds could possibly be delayed another week or 2 for various reasons. It now appears that this is not the case and that Rovio could have the game out by the end of this week (ie, tomorrow).

The Angry Birds Beta for Android version proved to be very popular with over 1 million people downloading it. It certainly looks to be another hit for the Android platform and Rovio. [Read more…]

Three HTC Desire Android 2.2 Update Release Date – 14 October

Those users who have a HTC Desire on the Three network in the UK, you can expect the Android 2.2 update to be made available on October 14th at 9am UK time.

The official Three UK account on Twitter made it official saying that the version will be numbered v2.25.25.771.1 and will launch 10/14 at 16:00 TW time…

HTC Desire owners, Android 2.2 Froyo update – HTC have said the update v2.25.771.1 will be live at 16:00 10/14(TW time)

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Limera1n iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Works on Apple TV

The Limera1n iOS 4.1 jailbreak was released over the weekend by Geohot. Geohot mentions on the website that Apple TV should be technically supported.

Redmond Pie have now confirmed that the Apple TV can be jailbroke with the Limera1n tool.

The confirmation of this actually came originally from TUAW where Erica Sadun managed to get the Apple TV in to DFU mode and successfully jailbroke it. [Read more…]

3DS Will Suffer A Shorter Battery Life

I have a lovely, lovely laptop that plays the latest games and does everything I need it to plus more but the battery takes a pounding. Equally, I have a lovely, lovely new phone and again the battery life takes quite the beating if everything is switched on. Usually its down to the automatic updates, auto syncing and the like and any other big, signature features that tend to suck the battery juice dry.
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Super Microphone Lets You Zoom In to Conversations

In the image above, you’ll be able to see a large yellow dot attached to the underside of the screens. This is a Super Microphone that has 300 microphones inside along with a camera along side it. What it does is allows users to zoom in to any conversation in the basketball court to listen in to what people are saying.

The idea behind it is that you can zoom in on conversations and listen to what the ref has to say, or each individual player if needed.

The system works by tracking where the person is and adding the sounds of each microphone together that can pick up a particular voice. [Read more…]

Apple TV Jailbreak Video Demonstration

It was confirmed a few days ago that the SHAttered tool can be used to jailbreak iOS 4.1 that is loaded on to the new generation Apple TV.

A video demonstration of this happening has now been uploaded to YouTube and shows a user logging in to the Apple TV and running commands as root.

SHAtter is a low level exploit that manages to break in to the Apple TV and other iOS 4.1 devices through a hardware issue. What this means is that Apple will not be able to patch the hole unless a new version with modified hardware ships. [Read more…]

Roomba Celestial Navigation System Patent

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner appears to currently employ a random approach to vacuuming the carpet in a house although we have been informed that its more involved that being just random. In that way, we mean that it does cover every part of the floor a certain amount of times to make sure every square inch is clear.

This new patent though looks to make cleaning the floor even more accurate. It uses external celestial beacons that track Roombas movements across the floor and that data looks to then be used to create a map of the floor and a way to vacuum it. We assume that this will also ensure every inch is vacuumed as well as making it quicker to vacuum the floor. [Read more…]