ASUS Transformer Prime Launched Moved to December

The official launch of the ASUS Transformer Prime could be moved in to December. Digitimes is reporting that Google [GOOG] has been helping ASUS in preparations for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. In order to ensure the Transformer Prime launches with Android 4.0 it is likely that the date the tablet will ship will be December.

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Android Powered Huawei MediaPad Launching in Europe in 2012

It appears that Huawei has delayed the launch of the MediaPad tablet. Initially it was going to be made available in Europe before the end of 2011 although it seems that the launch might not happen until 2012.

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Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet Announced

A new tablet has been introduced by Barnes and Noble. The device is called the Nook Tablet and is the next device in the series of Nooks from B&N. Technical specs reveal that it has 1GB of RAM and runs a 1GHz dual-core processor.

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Tablets, Phones and Other Devices To get Ubuntu by 2014

Canonical has announced that it is working on bringing the Ubuntu operating system to various tablets, phones and televisions. The new version of the OS isn’t coming any time soon though and could be as far away as 2014 before it appears officially on various smartphones and tablets.

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ViewSonic ViewPad 7e Android Tablet Rolls Out for $200

ViewSonic has announced that it will be releasing the ViewPad 7e Android tablet at the end of this month. When launched, it will cost $200.

The technical specs show it has a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen. It runs a 1GHz ARM A8 processor and has 4GB of storage built in. A microSD card slot is included to further boost the amount of data you can save.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Running Android Apps Demonstrated

Last week RIM launched the developer beta of BBX OS 2.0. What this allows developers to do is run Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook. We’ve seen demonstrations of this before that have been created by RIM, but now we see a demonstration of some Android apps running by an external person to RIM.

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Windows 8 Tablet Video Reveals More of the UI

Windows 8 looks like it could do extremely well when it launches. When Microsoft [MSFT] first announced it recently, bloggers around the world were positive with what they saw.

Today we get to take another look at how the OS will work when running on a tablet.

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Toshiba Creates a 6 Inch Display with a 498ppi Density

Toshiba has created a new 6.1 inch display that has an extremely impressive resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. This many pixels crammed in to a 6.1 inch screen gives it a pixel density of 498ppi which is far more than that of the Retina display of the iPhone.

With the resolution that it has it also is better than full HD although it isn’t clear at the moment what is needed to keep the screen being used to its full potential (meaning the graphics chip on a tablet it will be attached to).

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Instapaper for iOS Updated

Instapaper for iOS has received a BIG update. The new version is 4.0 and brings with it a few changes as well as design changes on the iPad to make better use of the larger screen.

The iPhone version, pictured below, shows a more unified navigation system. The design for the iPhone has also been tweaked a little. When reading an article the top navigation has been removed (can be put back if desired) so that the screen is less cluttered and provides more reading space.

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HP TouchPad gets CyanogenMod Alpha Release

The HP TouchPad can finally run Android Gingerbread thanks to CyanogenMod 7.1.0. The new update now allows you to install the Google operating system on to the HP TouchPad tablet. Note that this is an Alpha version and that it has been described as very basic and quite buggy. Some features work but a lot doesn’t so before you go ahead and install make sure you can put up with problems.

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Wopad V7 Tablet Gets Branded with Angry Birds

Angry Birds has gone from strength to strength in popularity since it originally launched. We’ve seen a bunch of spin-off products such as soft toys. We now see an Angry Birds themed tablet has launched.

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Amazon Kindle Fire Could Cost $150 to Make

Since the launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire, some have speculated (and calculated) that Amazon is losing $50 per tablet sold. More numbers have now been calculated that indicate Amazon is actually making $50 per tablet sold.

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