3G gets Mobile Youtube

Mobile Youtube
Youtube has finally hit mobile phones and is named Mobile Youtube which can be found by tapping in m.youtube.com in to your 3G browser. When you first get to that address you are recommended to buy an unlimited plan as data charges could be high with a service running like this.

Gizmodo put together a demonstration which is linked to after the jump. However, if you want to test it out without using a mobile phone then just go to m.youtube.com in your browser to see what is available. You will get an error when trying to load videos through this method, but it will show you what the mobile interface looks like.

One cool thing is that you can see even smaller thumbnails of the videos and skip through different sections such as newly added.

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Charge your Mobile with a Wind up Torch

Wind Up Torch
If you enjoy camping and have a wind up torch then you might be able to make some modifications that allow it to charge your mobile phone. The wind up torch (or flashlight) in the video after the jump can generate around 4V of power when you crank the handle. Mixing this together with a Nokia car charger can allow you to generate enough power to charge your phone, PDA and other electronic devices. Its quite a good idea for those who travel and want the mixture of a torch and charger in one. As it is a custom device there are no prices for this. If you do happen to hack away at your torch then just make sure you use the correct testing equipment so that you do not damage the torch or electronic device.

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Microsoft Surface Computer

Microsoft Surface Computer
The Microsoft Surface Computer is a pretty cool device. It allows you to interact with your phone, camera and other devices through a surface type screen mounted in a table. The screen is multi touch allowing for greater interactivity between you and the computer. Sensors under the surface can detect when a device is placed on to the screen. Once the device is detected you can drag and drop images, video or appointments on to the device and all the connectivity is taken care of through wireless signals. If you have a photo you just took at a party and someone wants a copy then just place the camera and a phone on it and drag the picture across and the rest is taken care of.

Making use of a dynamic and interactive surface has many uses. A whiteboard could be kept on the wall or work surface in the kitchen and recipes could be downloaded, transferred for example.

The device will not primarily be made available to end users though for the home. It will mainly be directed towards shops and presentations. It could allow for easier browsing of an online catalogue for example.

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Pandora in The Home

Pandora In The Home
If you have not heard of Pandora then here is a quick rundown. Pandora.com allows you to listen to free internet radio channels. It doesnt stop there though. Pandora uses the Music Genome Project which has been analyzing music and building it in to categories for the last few years. This has allowed for a comprehensive list of music and different types of music to be grouped together. If you enjoy music from a particular artist then you type in their name and the Music Genome Project takes over and creates you your own unique radio station which streams music in the same genre and style to you. If you like a particular song then the Music Genome Project can create another radio station just for you featuring other artists you might never have heard or linked in with.

Pandora in the Home is a new device which uses the pandora.com service. It allows you to listen to your radio stations from Pandora in any room of your house. This is achieved with the wireless multi room Sonos Digital Music system. This integrated with Pandora on your PC and allows you to take control of music from the remote control any where in the house. What makes this device stand out more is its ability to work with out the use of a PC. It connects to your wireless internet connection and you can then use the screen on the remote to create your radio stations and then select where you want them to be played. The screen also allows you to see the full colour album art of each artist you are listening to.

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Pay by Wristwatch

Mastercard Paypass Wristwatch
Mastercard has introduced a new way of paying for items. This time the service uses a device in your watch which stores your card details. One swipe of your watch would allow you to make payments of no more then 15 Euros without having to sign or get out your card. No details are provided as to using a pin number to still authorise the payment which would make it a lot more secure. Hopefully that bright orange watch is not the onlt design and shape it comes in or that could hinder progress of this idea. Having your own watch customised with these features could be a better way forwards though.

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Blogging on your Mobile Phone

Blogging Cell Phone
Mobile phones are getting tons of new features. Nokia is company who create phones with some blogging software in. The next in line is Google working with Sony Ericsson. They have created software which is compatible with Blogger allowing you to blog from your mobile phone. As well as being able to input text they also integrate the blogging software with the camera on your phone allowing you to snap a picture and send it to your blog. This is ideal for those out on the road who want to take their blogging with them.

The service will be shipping on the K800 and K790 as well as the K610 UMTS phone. Video after the jump.

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Unique Skype Phone in a Mouse

Mouse Skype Phone
Skype has become very popular over the few years that it has been running. It has opened up a whole new level of communications and a whole new area for businesses to work in. The latest Skype gadget to hit the market is the Mouse Skype Phone. By combining the mouse with Skype you get to use the mouse as a mouse when needed, but can then pick up the mouse, flip it open and receive or make a call.

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TTOOL PMP with 7 Inch TouchScreen

The TTOOL PMP from first impressions looks to be a great little machine. It runs Windows CE 5.0 and has a 400MHz processor to power it. The screen is 7 inch and is also touchscreen. The resolution is 480 x 234 pixels. As well as being just a PMP it has a GPS chip from SiRF III allowing for Satelite Navigation. Audio is produced by 2 built in stereo speakers. With 64Mb of built in SDRAM there seems to be a low amount of memory although that can be increased by the use of an SD or MMC memory card.

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Near Field Communications – Your Mobile Phone as a Credit Card

Credit Card Phone
Near Field Communications (NFC) allows a mobile phone to be used as a credit card by swiping the phone over a plate on a vending machine for example. Of course any machine that accepts it will need to be modified to accept payment via this method. As the mobile phone over the last few years has become more popular and converged with other devices such as cameras, radio, video players and web browsing it makes sense that the wallet also be combined with it since you carry your phone around most places you go.

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Vonage Permanent Injunction

If you are unfamiliar with Vonage and the recent court order put on them which forced them to stop taking on new customers. This has now been reversed and Vonage are now accepting signups to their services. I am not sure where this will go as it is unlikely to be the end of the main problem which happened over a patent, but as far as things go now, business is as usual.

Via: SlashGear

Delphi Real Time Traffic Kit

Traffic sucks and especially when you need to get to your next appointment on time. Delphi have created a real time traffic kit which works on their Nav200 system. Services that I have heard about in the past from TomTom for example, require a subscription. With the Delphi traffic kit you have a one time cost to activate it and then no additional fees. This isnt bad and well worth looking in to if you are more of a casual GPS user.

Via: Fosfor

Sony Ericsson – TrackID

Sony continue to churn out some nice features on their W range of mobile phones. The latest feature is named TrackID in which you can record a sample of a tune you like, submit it and then comes back the answer to what the song is called, what album it is from and who the artist is. This is a very innovative idea from Sony which will allow many an annoyance to be solved when you just cannot remember the track that is playing. You also get the option to have the details sent to you as an SMS message with the service.

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