VTec Internet Connected Phones

VTec Internet Phone
VTech is launching some regular landline phones with internet connectivity. However, this does not mean that they have VoIP capabilities but rather have a built in internet browser which can pull down information from services such as weather, news and horoscopes. The phones are cordless and use DECT 6.0 which means they do not interfere with your home wireless networks.

The phone is the ip8300 and will cost around 130 dollars.

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GPS with Complete Coverage Anywhere – U-Blox

u-blox is releasing a new GPS chip which boasts 100% road coverage even in the most challenging GPS signal environments. The TIM-4R has dead reckoning technology which I will explain shortly. The u-blox has a 16 channel ANTARIS 4 positioning engine. It is this engine that ensures uninterrupted positioning where previously this was not possible. To add to this ability, the chips use less power consumption then other GPS chip sets.

Dead Reckoning is a technology that uses additional sensors that can detect the distance travelled with an odometer and gyroscope. This then can be put together with the last good signal (for example you enter a tunnel) and can predict where you
are in the tunnel due to the gyroscope measuring when you turn the vehicle.

Dead reckoning is great for those who need 100% accuracy with GPS such as emergency services as sometimes they need to go through situations where a signal is just not possible.

Hopefully this GPS chipset can live up to it’s standards and deliver what it promises. I have to admit that I am looking forwards to this solution.

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Linksys CIT310

Linksys CIT310
The Linksys CIT310 is a VoIP phone which doubles up as a landline type phone also. Many phones that hit the market are commonly associated with Skype. The Linksys is different as it works with Yahoo’s messenger VoIP service. The built in software runs Microsoft Messenger and you can select a contact from on the phone which works over wi-fi.

Other features that the phone has is a colour LCD screen which displays contacts as well as weather reports and other services. The Linksys is a nice step forward for those who use Yahoo Messenger to talk. The cost of the handset is 79.99 dollars.

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The Linutop is a no frills way of surfing the internet with out having to spend money on a fully equipt PC. It’s a small desktop device which has enough resources to get you online but not enough to do too much. It does not have a built in hard drive and is powered by an AMD Geode Processor and have 512Mb ROM and 256Mb RAM.


It’s main function is to browse the internet and is ideal for schools, librarys and other places where only an internet connection is needed. The Linutop is… Small, Simple, Light, Silent, Efficient, Low-Cost deployment and service

– AMD Geode
– 512 Mb ROM
– 256 Mb RAM
– 4x USB 2.0 ports
– audio in & out
– 100baseT Ethernet
– VGA output
– Size: 9.3 x 2.7 x 15 cm
– Weight: 280 gr

– USB2 , Wifi connection, Flat pannel,

– AbiWord Word Processor
– Evince PDF reader
– Firefox Web browser
– Gaim instant messenger
– Totem media player

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Sony PS3 Launch Titles

Sony have announced it’s debut games titles for the US launch of the Playstation 3. The launch date is expected to be the 17th November 2006 and more then 20 games will debut with the PS3. Titles from popular genres will be launched all most likely to be under the $60 price tag.

PS3 F1

Games such as Resistance: Fall of man, will utilise the blu-ray disk and titles such as NBA 07 will take advantage of high def running at 1080p. It’s an exciting time of year with this console due out before christmas with this amount of games. The power of the playstation 3 enhances graphics and game play to hyper-realistic details never seen before on a games console.

SCEA Launch Titles
Resistance: Fall of Man(TM)
NBA 07
Genji: Days of the Blade(TM)

PS3 Controller SIXAXIS

Third Party Publisher Titles
Blazing Angels(TM) Squadrons of WWII Ubisoft
Call of Duty(R)3 Activision
EA Sports(TM) Fight Night Round 3 Electronic Arts
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Bethesda Softworks
F.E.A.R.(TM) Vivendi Universal Games
Full Auto(TM)2: Battlelines Sega
Madden NFL(TM) 07 Electronic Arts
Mobile Suit Gundam(R): CROSSFIRE(TM) NAMCO BANDAI Games
NBA 2K7 2K Sports
Need For Speed(TM) Carbon Electronic Arts
NHL(R) 2K7 2K Sports
Sonic the Hedgehog Sega
Tiger Woods PGA Tour(R) 07 Electronic Arts
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six(R) Vegas Ubisoft
Tony Hawk’s Project 8(TM) Activision
Untold Legends(TM) Dark Kingdom(TM) Sony Online Entertainment

GranTurismo 5

Sony have also revealed online and network services provided through the PS3 which can offer some great functions for users and developers.

XMB (Xross Media Bar) is the way in to the Playstation network and this is the basis of the navigation system for the console. Through XMB you can access games, network and web connectivity and other media features such as audio and video. If you are a user of the Sony PSP (Playstation Portable) then you will be familier with how XMB works.


The PS3 will be available as a 20Gb model and a 60Gb model retailing at $499 and $599 respectivly. It will come with the cell broadband engine, built in BD player, internal HDD as mentioned above, it will have HDMI output as standard (cable not included), a wireless controller known as SIXAXIS and network capability. It seems like the 60Gb model will include wifi only.

The controller costs $49.99 for the SIXAXIS. A memory card adapter is available for $14.99 which has the ability to transfer your PS2/PS1 saved games on to the harddrive of the PS3. The BD remote control will sell for $24.99.

Sony Playstation 3

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I recently moved home and decided rather then paying £10/Month for the phone line I would pay £7.99/Month for Vonage so I could use VOIP. With this offer I get unlimited calls to landlines, cheap international calls and cheap calls to mobiles. With Telewest (my internet provider) I would have to pay extra on top of the £10/Month to get cheap calls to the US and free calls in the UK. I estimate £5 – £10 savings per month which is not bad!

I must admit, I am impressed with the service offered by Vonage. I ordered Monday night a couple of weeks back and the equipment was delivered Wednesday (just 2 days later… well 1 if you dont count Monday with me ordering after close of business). I received a new router (the Motorola VT2442), connected it and it fired up right away. It seems like the Vonage service just needs the MAC address of the new router and ties it to your account/number. No matter which internet connection I plug the adapter in to I can receive calls on my new UK landline number. Fantastic!

Calls so far have been clear and reliable. I decided to use cordless phones from Philips and connect them to the phone adapter. No problems there either. Some report problems with wi-fi using the same frequencies but I have not had that problem with my wifi network and cordless phones. It would be worth checking out to see if your phone is compatible though if you use wi-fi.

My overall rating… 5 *’s 🙂


The MOTOKRZE is the latest which will be released soon. It has a 2 megapixel camera, 262k screen, stereo Bluetooth audio, new messaging apps, MP3 etc. It will be available in 2 versions. The CDMA and GSM. The CDMA version has touch sensative music controls and has advanced services via EVDO.

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Do you want your own Satellite?

Well you can now 🙂 A company in Japan have made a personal satellite named MySat which is a 10 inch square covered in solar panels. It weighs just 44 poinds. However, it is $860000. That nice amount covers the cost of the launch, the satellite and monitoring/operational services.

What are it’s uses though? Basically it allows businesses and researchers to use it for their own specific needs. It will stay in orbit from 20 to 30 years.


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SqueezeBox – By Realnetworks and Rhapsody

The Squeezebox has been tagged with the line “Think of a song. Any song. Now, play it.”. The SqueezeBox comes to use from Rhapsody online music service and real networks. The service has access to well over 2 million tracks available. The subscription cost is $14.95 although the first month of service is free.


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WiBro Launched

South Korea is the first place to launch WiBro. WiBro is based on Intel’s WiMax technology and provides commercial versions of long range wireless networking.

The service is offered by SK Telecom and KT Corp and they will be responsible right now for providing broadband signals across Seoul. The range is around 1Km and can keep a connection up to 74MPH. The service starts at $17 and will work on a service charge depending on what usage you intend to make of it. The pricing looks rather reasonable compared to regular wifi over here in the UK.


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Cheap Wi-Fi Routers

A company in Spain are creating a cheap wi-fi router which is set to cost only $5. The reason for this is that they want to promote the use of home wi-fi networks in to becoming public hot spots. To me it sounds like a great idea although the fear could be people using a wi-fi spot for illegal purposes and then the blame being passed to the bill payer. So, they would probably need to use some kind of proxy service so that users need to log on. Also ISP’s will need to back this up too.

More details can be found at BBC News

PT-200 Personal Bracelet Tracker

The PT-200 is a GPS tracking device that you wear on your wrist. It features a powerful GPS tracking device as well as GSM capabilities and the claimed battery life is a nice 50 hours. The watches themselves look rather retro and from the 80's.


There are 3 approaches for the remote site to track and monitor the PT-200

* Using regular cellular phone and unmanned control center
* Using smart phone and control software with E-map on the smart phone
* Using man-serviced control center


* GPS and GSM dual positioning functions
* SOS Emergency button for help
* Incoming call to report positioning info
* Remote site continuous tracking
* Incoming call oscillation to remind users to take this call
* Two single-key emergency dial-out numbers
* Remote monitoring
* Automatic open-bracelet reporting
* Using cellular phone, smart phone, or man-serviced control center to track and monitor the PT-200
* Easy one-button operation
* Tri-band GSM module for worldwide tracking and monitoring
* Highly Sensitive GPS module
* GPS/ GSM signal LED display
* Device on, low battery, and charging LED display
* Using SIM Card phone book to set reporting numbers and parameters to make the interface easy
* Self-testing function
* Long standby time for more than 50 hours
* Car/ home charger available


* Dimension: 60 x 65 x 23 (mm)
* Weight: 200 (g)
* GSM frequency: Tri-band 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz
* Battery: 1200mah (Rechargeable)
* Power Consumption: standby 20ma, max.250ma
* Operating time: standby for more than 50 hours , continuous talking for 4 hours

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